Louise harper

Louise Harper was the principal female character in The Night Strangler. She was played by Jo Ann Pflug.

The Night StranglerEdit

Louise Harper was a belly-dancer at an exotic dance club in Seattle. She was also a college student, and presumably used her dancing earnings to pay for classes.

Carl Kolchak approached her to seek her help in solving the death of a fellow exotic dancer. At first Louise was dismissive, believing that the murderer had left town already. But when her fellow belly-dancer Charisma Beauty (aka Gladys Weems) was murdered, Louise decided to help Kolchak.

She was a key figure in his investigation, assisting him with leads at her college and even using herself as bait for the Strangler . She eventually accompanied Kolchak into the Seattle Underground to apprehend the villain.

Unfortunately, her part in the matter got her kicked out of Seattle. She was last seen accompanying Tony Vincenzo and Kolchak out for parts unknown.


  • The Night Strangler